Place Processing 2: Domestic Landscape


Documentation coming.  Watch this space!  

Former Coop buildings in Manchester's Northern Quarter are in transition between office space and a regenerated role in the future.  Adaptations of old buildings for new uses are often insubstantial and fleeting compared to the solid underlying structure. In Place Processing phase one: Still Life After the Office Tea reflected upon past uses of the building and its current transitional state; in phase 2, Domestic Landscape the artists speculate about its future.

A new geometry and fragile linings propose a reconfiguration of the space into domestic accommodation whose decor references the countryside which many urbanites hanker after. Flimsy household materials mark out the new spaces, mask the flourescent lights and evoke the natural world.


         Saturday 6th September 2014

        2.00pm - 8.00pm

        Second Floor, Federation House, 

        Federation Street / Balloon Street, 


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Place Processing is supported by Castlefield Gallery’s New Art Spaces.

“Architecture today is little more than cardboard, a veneer over old walls. Things that were once hefty, thick with the meaning of their making have given way to a world of skins, screens, flimsy surfaces…”      

                                                After Rem Koolhaas

“Many urbanites feel like displaced persons who ought instead to be living in a symbiotic relationship with the land.”                        Isabel Taylor, Albion Magazine