Now and Again 1997


Live, interactive video projections explored the shifting identity of Meard Street, Soho. Live images of the street were mixed with sequences recorded on previous nights and projected back onto the windows like a reflection. Residents and visitors became participants as they interacted through the images with the artists behind the scenes.


Photos Paul Grundy     Video Peter Murray                                                                                                                          


26-28 June 1997

Meard Street, Soho


An enquiry into the shifting relationship between a place, how it is used and experienced and images of it. The presence of the artists and the various participating audiences simultaneously revealed, altered and obscured the identity of the street.


Commissioned by London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT)

Supported by Soho Images, Blitz Vision, Westminster City Council and local residents.


Set up of 3 units of cameras, mixing desks and projectors inside Soho Images.