Tea Full Project List 1987-2011

2014  51:zero video and digital arts festival showing of Leaving http://51-0voyager-medwayfilmfestival.webs.com

2014  Place Processing 1 Still Life after the Office  and Place Processing 2 Domestic Landscape : Site specific installations in a former Coop warehouse / office in Manchester which is scheduled for regeneration.

2014  Imagine Sheppey: fast forward:  collaborative project with sociologists working with young people to explore their approach to the future. https://www.facebook.com/imaginesheppey/timeline?ref=page_internal

2013  Leaving: celebration of The Hollings Building

2012  Green in the City. An exploration of city parks.

2010  Spinning A Yarn: An investigation of the layered history and use of buildings associated with cotton. Commisioned installation at The Whitworth Art Gallery and Platt Hal Museum of Costume, Manchester.

2009-11  Living and Working on Sheppey

2008-9    Lead Artist Bluecoat Heritage Trail

2009  Living Landscapes Conference video presentation

2009  Brown Fields Blue Skies Exhibition at ICIA Bath

2008  TRIP Territories Re-imagined International Perspectives. Videos shown as part of this conference

2007-8  Brown Fields Blue Skies    A Public Art residency at Widnes Waterfront

2007  Repeat Pattern: 2 minute video loop developed from the Royal Mills material selected by Raum fuer Projektion, Cologne for Loop Pool 2007 as part of the international Short Film Festival Oberhausen and touring. Distributed DVD.

2006  Tea in Oswestry: Part of Bordering a collaborative project with cultural geographer, Holly McClaren looking at Oswestry.
2006 New edit of Fabrika commissioned by Cornerhouse and shown in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Hull, Birmingham on BBC Big Screens as part of Architecture Week.
2006- Sitting Room: Three TEA publications included in exhibition of Artists’ Books organised by Manchester Metropolitan University at Manchester Craft centre and touring.
2006- Arcadia id est: Boat Trip publication included in touring exhibition of artists’ books organised by UWE's Centre for Fine Print Research to Centre for the Artists’ Book Brisbane Australia, Moufflon Bookshop Nicosia Cyprus, AKI Enschede The Netherlands, Wollaton Hall Nottingham, School of Art Institute Chicago etc.
2006-7 Tea at Urbis: video included in Borders One Minute Film Screening in Dundee, Umea, Sweden, Barents Spektakel, Kirkenes, Norway and touring.
Jon Biddulph worked with Tea until 2003
2003-4 Boat Trip: Nothing But Flowers: An encounter with the Manchester Ship Canal. 2003 Prospekt: Working with local artists on the streets of St Petersburg as part of Manchester Week. Presented in St Petersburg and at URBIS.
2003 “What is this Place?: The Work of Tea” Paper by Val Murray and Peter Hatton in Journal of Visual Art Practice Vol 2 No 3 pgs 155 - 171.
2002 Exchanges: Manchester St Petersburg: Mixed-media Research Installation at CUBE, Manchester bringing together different ways of representing and cross-referencing opinions and experiences of old industrial buildings in Manchester and St Petersburg
2002 Fabrika: Residency and installation at the constructivist-designed, just still-producing Red Banner Knitwear Factory in St Petersburg as part of the emplacements project.
2001 What’s Going On Here?: A Year Of The Artist residency in Piccadilly, Manchester researching current redevelopment. 
2000 City Mapping Hull: The Ferens Art Gallery, Hull. Two live views over the city from roof-top cameras aligned with the gallery below; recorded journeys following these sightlines as closely as the built environment allowed; life and times (past, present and future) in the city described by people who live or work where the sight lines and the journeys coincided.
2000 The Cut: Mid-Pennine Art Gallery, Burnley, Lancashire. A 6-hour video installation of the landscapes and places passed on a boat journey on the Leeds and Liverpool canal between Blackburn and Barnoldswick. Recorded conversations with people who live or work close to bridges with access to the canal formed the sound track. 
2000 Builders and Dreamers: A touring exhibition curated by the National Museum of Labour History at the Pump House People’s History Museum, Manchester, The Labour Party Conference, Brighton. The People’s Palace, Glasgow, the Museum of Welsh Life, Cardiff and the TUC Conference in London.
A discrete interactive artwork within the main exhibition that invited visitors to complete a contemporary Builders and Dreamers Poll.
1998-9 By The Way: Can an image of a region be made? Which places and which people are ‘representative’? A journey made from Liverpool to Hull, from hotel to hotel and video recorded in real time. Wherever the car (and therefore the video) slowed to a halt the occupant of that place was invited to contribute a personal commentary that became the sound track. 
1998 Sometimes... Live, interactive projections in the window of the Paperchase store in Manchester that recorded, overlaid, froze and faded away images of passers-by during the day and night. Commissioned by Digital Summer.

1997 Now and Again: Live, interactive video projections capturing and manipulating the life of Meard Street, Soho. Commissioned by London International Festival of Theatre.
1997 No Small Feat: Group exhibition at Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago.
1995-7 Mapping Values: Working with professionals and the public to map different evaluations of the grounds of Orleans House, Twickenham, resulting in an on-site sound installation, a guide and an interactive CDROM.
1995 Looking Both Ways: An investigation of the Royal Liver Building – civic symbol and work place. An installation at Tate Liverpool with public contributions. Distributed archive.
1995 Glasgow School of Art: Short residency working with students.
1994 Anxiety and Escapism: An installation at the Royal Festival Hall, London set up to re-look at the 1930s through archive images, sound and public contribution. Part of the Millennium Festival. Distributed archive / publication.
1992-4 Other People’s Shoes: A collaborative investigation into shoes in different contexts – clubs, schools, shops, factories and galleries. With Impossible Theatre. Multiple funding sources.
1991 Living Space Series: A series looking at the role of ordinary objects in relation to the spaces we and they occupy:
STOKE ON TRENT: a full sized ceramic house with light, projections and sound at the City Art Gallery.
LIVERPOOL: Versions of domestic furniture in different formats and media at 4 city centre sites. Part of New Work North West.
MANCHESTER: Giant garments made from garments at Upper Campfield Market as part of Manchester Festival. Night-time event.
1990 In Situ: The identification, labelling and display of familiar objects on the Flag Market, Preston. With the Harris Art Gallery.
1989 In Transit: Contents of suitcases revealed at bus stations in Greater Manchester as part of Art-week.
1988 Baggages: Components of a home carried through the streets and assembled and supported by its occupants. No Quarter.
1988 If Only Walls Could Speak: Heritage re-examined by re-presenting aspects of Wythenshawe Hall, Manchester. With the City Art Gallery.
1987 Homeworks: An exploration of the layered history of a semi derelict house in a still lived in street. Funded by North West Arts Board and Manchester City Council.
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