Place Processing 1

Still Life After The Office


Comments from visitors: a very exciting physical experience... great fun... impressed by the use of the space in such a considered way... subtle... good compositions... strangely domesticated office furniture... liked all the detail and how it worked together... components are interdependent and dependent on the context... the collages catch your eye and tie it all together... humorous... from a woman's point of view... restrained colour palette... strong hints at conversation, relationships, intrigue... serving tea and cakes was part of the work and enabled people to chat informally.

In Still lIfe After The Office groups of objects and the floor layout referenced what goes on in offices, both legitimate work and subversive activity. The Still Lives were transforming from office to domestic arrangement. The installation held  historical, present and future identities of the space together.

Materials: office furniture, objects, garments, fabric, images, light boxes, lights, paper, tea and cakes.